Basha Kill Area Association (BKAA)

About the Basha Kill Area Association (BKAA)

Since our founding in 1972, the BKAA mission has been to protect the Basha Kill wetlands and surrounding area from ecological degradation, to promote education and respect for the environment in general and to preserve the beauty of the area. The Association consists of some 800 members working together to preserve the unspoiled quality of the beautiful and unique Basha Kill. We serve as a local watchdog for the wetland by being alert to threats such as pollution, vandalism and unwise development.

– E. Knieriemen

The BKAA works with representatives of local government and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to address potential problems. We monitor local Town Board and Planning Board meetings and-stay apprised of potential development. The BKAA partners with other environmental groups to safeguard the region’s valuable resources. We are a hands-on organization. The BKAA sponsors an annual litter cleanup at the wetlands, conducts a water-quality monitoring project and sponsors a volunteer eagle watch program.

The BKAA offers free nature walks at the wetlands led by local experts and we sponsor scholarships for young campers to attend the various DEC Environmental Camps. We produced a video about the four seasons at the Basha Kill and the history and importance of the wetlands, as well as a print field guide to the Basha Kill.
Join the Basha Kill Area Association! The more members we have, the greater impact we can have on environmental issues.

-By Toni Garrett