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Article from May 2018 Issue of The Economist on Thompson Education Center

Appeal to Town of Fallsburg ZBA re Town of Thompson Education Center (TEC) Building

On December 21, 2017, the firm of Grant & Lyons, on behalf of the BKAA and John Foufas, filed an appeal to the Town of Fallsburg Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) asking the Board to overturn a building permit provided to TEC for a single-family home. In support of this appeal, Grant & Lyons has submitted evidence which establishes that the structure will not be used as a single-family residence, as presented in TEC’s application, but instead the building is a commercial use or multi-family dwelling masked with a single-family home label. The appeal asserts that the building does not comply with the Fallsburg Zoning Law. In addition, the appeal states that the true purpose of this building is that it will eventually be a part of TEC’s huge proposed education project located on adjacent property in the Town of Thompson. Hence, allowing the construction of this building now and separating it from the SEQRA environmental review of the TEC project to be conducted by the Thompson Planning Board will constitute a violation of SEQRA as improper segmentation.

See additional documents below for additional information.

Elevation Renditions of TEC'S Proposed Single-Family Home

BKAA TEC Town of Fallsburg ZBA cover letter

BKAA TEC Town of Fallsburg Final Willingham Letter - ZBA Appeal

BKAA TEC Town of Fallsburg ZBA Appeal

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