Nature Watch

Adult bald eagle with immature in southern nesting tree June 2016 by Eleanor Knieriemen
-E. Knieriemen

Nature Watch at the Basha Kill

Started in 2003, Nature Watch is one of the BKAA’s major, hands-on volunteer programs. Trained volunteers educate visitors about bald eagles and ospreys nesting at the Basha Kill, as well as about the many other plant and animal residents of this amazing wetland.

The program started under the protective eye of the NYS DEC and with the support of the local Eagle Institute in an effort to heighten awareness of bald eagles and the need to protect these birds, as well as to raise awareness about the Basha Kill as a valuable natural resource.

Volunteers collect data and anecdotal information about the eagles and other wildlife activity, as well as tracking numbers of visitors at this site. This information is then shared with the DEC and with local Town officials.

You’ll find Nature Watch volunteers at the South Road boat launch on week-ends from mid-April through the end of June. Because that location provides good viewing of the bald eagle nest and osprey nest, volunteers set up two spotting scopes there, as well as an educational table, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. There are many “Aha” and “Wow” moments when visitors see an eaglet or an adult eagle for the first time.

Sometimes looking at a tree swallow or a bullfrog through a scope can also be very exciting. Nature Watch Volunteers are the outreach ambassadors for the Basha Kill! Check the BKAA Calendar for exact dates for coverage. We look forward to seeing you at the boat launch (directly across from the Bashakill Vineyards at 1131 South Road, Wurtsboro 12790 in case you want to use your GPS to get there).

– B. Muller
– K. Keller